WordPress Website Maintenance

Getting a brand new website can be exciting for any business, especially if it’s a redesigned site and you are finally upgrading to a modern, responsive design. Our specialty is designing websites with WordPress, but we find many of our customers because they are looking for someone to help them understand WordPress. Many just need someone (or a company) to help them maintain their website each month with updates or small changes. WordPress is a content management system that is loaded with bells and whistles if you want them. Unfortunately for lots of small businesses, their web designer gave them a beautiful website but didn’t really go over the nuances of maintaining it each month. The business owner is left to their own devices to try and figure it out. At Website Solutions, Inc. we are all about educating our clients on things like WordPress. Our staff is well versed in WordPress and we always include tutorial service as part of our website design packages. Our goal is help get your company up and running on the web as efficiently as possible. If you are always having to stop what you are doing and contact your web guy (or girl) to answer a question about a simple update to WordPress, that is not productive.  We go over items like plugins, widgets, basic page additions, creating templates, or deleting material. Most websites are not stagnant creatures, they evolve over time so it’s only natural to expect some changes to your website each week or month. Many business owners take on writing a blog and that can be daunting if you are not sure how to do it. Give us a call or email us and we can help get your current WordPress website back on track. Whether you need a few hours of tutoring or want us to make some simple updates, we would be happy to talk with you about your website needs. WordPress website maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle.

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Mobile devices

Mobile Friendly Website Design Portland

Do you really need a mobile friendly website? One of the biggest influences on this topic is Google – the king of all search engines. Google has increasingly told website owners that having a responsive or mobile friendly website is critical if they want their site to still appear in searches that are done on mobile devices. That means that if someone is searching for a particular topic on a cell phone or tablet, they may not be able to see your website in the search results if your website is not mobile friendly. Yes, Google gets to determine that from their end of things. Want to check and see if your website is mobile friendly? Go ahead and Click Here. Just type in your website URL or address and Google will let you know. At Website Solutions Inc. we create mobile friendly websites in Portland – almost all are produced using WordPress. The responsive WordPress themes make it easy to transition to a mobile friendly website. How much does it cost? That all depends on your current website. For many of our small business customers we can produce a quality, responsive website for less than $2500. Some are even cheaper than $1500. One thing that we suggest to all our potential clients is to first look at your website statistics and see how many of your daily or monthly visitors are actually accessing your website on a mobile device. Those websites with less than 10% of their visitors coming from mobile devices can probably put a mobile friendly website on hold. Our cutoff for recommending a responsive website is when we see a 20% or greater frequency of website users coming from mobile devices to your website. If you sell products or services on your website, you really need to consider how those mobile users are viewing and getting around your website once they arrive. If they have to resize text or scroll all over the place just to get to the important information, odds are they will leave your site within a few seconds. A mobile friendly website design will surely help keep those same visitors from leaving your site prematurely. Please contact us with any question in regards to mobile friendly web design here in the Portland area. We will gladly consult with you free of charge to discuss your website needs.