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Writing content for any website should be taken seriously. Google likes fresh, new content on almost every website. It shows that someone is staying active with the site and new things are being added. Stagnant websites are those that get lost in the shuffle, while sites that continually put up new articles, content, images, stories, etc. are bound to be seen more often in search results. Content writing for small business owners can be difficult for them to write themselves. Often, they just don’t have the time to do it. Other times they are not confident enough to write a page of content for their website. One of our services is to help small businesses stay current on their sites with fresh content. We will usually collaborate on the writing, making sure they hit plenty of keywords in the article and have it edited properly for spelling errors, typos, etc. Many times blogs get tiresome and old. We suggest that website owners put informative articles about their business or service up on the site, not just the blog. An easy way to do this is by showing your current projects. We get our clients to take photos of projects they are working on and submit a small writeup to accompany those pictures on the website. It’s rather easy to accomplish this task in an hour or two and we can help get it online quickly. Updates to websites don’t have to be done daily, but once every few weeks we suggest posting something to your website, blog, Facebook feed, projects, etc. Our writers are experts in handling keywords that will fit with your content matter and help get your website listed more prominently on search engines. It was once said that ‘content is king’ and we still feel that is mostly true. The more relevant, unique content you can get online related to your business, the better your website should be. You want to offer information about your company, the industry, or projects you are working on.

If you need help in writing content for your website, please contact us as we can help get you started in the right direction.

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